Quitting Plastic out of your daily Life! Use these ECOFRIENDLY PRODUCTS instead! 🌿🌎

Plastic used to be a trendy & helpful item, but meanwhile almost everything is contaminated with it, even the Antarctic Sea.

The result of our blind consumption and trust in the industry have led us to a dangerous time, where EACH OF US has to stand up, wake up & change their behavior! The air we breath & the water we drink are in danger – and therefore our health too!

Let’s do this together 👫♻️🌎🌳🕊️👊


Natural Care Products – Safe Money, your Health, the Environment & our Water cycle!

„If you can eat it – your body will love it.“


All conventional and even organic care products you can shop in the normal stores are full of chemicals und highly processed, unhealthy substances (from creams to deodorants and shampoos).
These get into our blood circulation after 20 seconds of contact with the skin and within 1 minute the chemical lobes are distributed throughout the body waiting for their removal.
So it’s time to get the power back in our hands and create REAL CARE products for our only holy temple: OUR BODY!


The importance of our lymphatic System (detox your body + instruction)

The clarifying and filtering system of our body

„You can only be as healthy as your body’s detoxification system works.“

Our lymphatic system consists of many lymphatic vessels filled with lymphatic fluid (the lymph), which permeate the entire body. They absorb all waste that is released by the body cells into the intercellular water. They also absorb bacteria, toxins, overaged cells, cell parts and even cancer cells…