The importance of our lymphatic System (detox your body + instruction)

The clarifying and filtering system of our body

„You can only be as healthy as your body’s detoxification system works.“

Our lymphatic system consists of many lymphatic vessels filled with lymphatic fluid (the lymph), which permeate the entire body. They absorb all waste that is released by the body cells into the intercellular water. They also absorb bacteria, toxins, overaged cells, cell parts and even cancer cells…


„Do what you Love“ – Travel, find your Vocation & use your Talent! (TheSenceOfLive)


Every person on this planet has a gift

Our lives here on earth have not been given to us to do any work where you feel like a slave doing a shitty job to keep your apartment and family alive.
Especially the younger generation (myself included) seeking for ‚THE
HAPPY LIFE‘ with true fulfillment and contentment, in peace and harmony with all creatures…