Natural cures for Cancer & other Diseases 🌿

Since a close family member died on cancer a couple of years ago, I was constantly searching for alternative ways next to chemotherapy, to help others and give them a chance of survival.

It’s proven that only a small amount (5-15%) of chemotherapy patients survive, and most of them suffer from bad side effects.

In case you or a person you know decides doing this, you should know that this therapy got more aggressive in the last years. A good friend and my german Reiki & ThetaHealing® mentor (natural therapist) Uta Benedikt noticed this changing by her patients. She treats people who had „no chance anymore“ and her survival-quote is around 80% which is even better than the official doctors! (and her patients where all about to die nearly!) She is doing this since many years and help them to remove the toxins and heavy metals from the body, which occurs during a chemotherapy.

An interesting fact is also, that people, who were fasting during a chemotherapy, had less side effects than those who ate „normal“. This is because the body has all the energy and focus for the healing and doesn’t need to digest. The cells can regnerate.

„Every cancer can be cured in a few weeks“

– Dr. Coldwell, successful doctor in the fight against cancer

Cancer has 1000 faces: many reasons why you get it and just as different you have to treat it. Therefore, there is not only one solution for healing and cure.

EVERY BODY IS DIFFERENT, and not everything might help everyone, but there are some really successful natural cures which I would like to share with you.

These are not claims of salvation, but compiled success stories of doctors and people worldwide, using the following techniques within a very short time and received healing even though doctors gave up on them and told them they would die in the next days – which didn’t happen luckly.

„Nature creates a problem – Nature creates a Solution“


1. What is cancer?

2. Nutrition-related healing

3. Mental healing & „5 biological laws of nature“

4. Joao de Deus („John of God“)

What is cancer?!

„Cancer are degenerated cells, where it is our task to bring them back into order.“

Our body and everything on earth consists out of holy geometry, it has the „golden cut“, „pi“, it symbolizes harmony and order. When this gets disturbed through an unnatural lifestyle, unnatural food or negative virbation through radiation, thoughts, fear, anger & co, our cells get sick. In a long term, we get chronically ill.

The understanding of „ordered cells“ can be seen here with the example of Masaru Emoto, who was able to capture the power of words and the vibrations of our thoughts, more than 20 years ago, by photograph frozen water crystals under a microscope.

When people become aware of this, they realize the importance of a lovely surrounding, positive thoughts and vibes.

The high vibration of positive words & thoughts captured in watercrystals

Nutrition-related healing

„The fastest way to get rid of cancer, is to switch to a raw vegan diet. „

– Dr. Coldwell, successful doctor in the fight against cancer, he is not a vegan, but recommends it for healing!


(The food of course in organic/permaculture & raw quality)

1. Vitamin D (Sunshine & = happiness)

2. Vitamin B17 (Apricot seeds)

3. Chlorella

4. Spirulina

5. Barley grass

6. CBD Oil (cannabinoid)

7. Apple cider vinegar

8. Hemp seeds

9. Lemon (juice)

10. Wild herbs & green veggies (chlorophyll & secondary plant extracts)

11. Ginger

12. Turmeric

13. Garlic

14. Ceylon cinnamon

Note: CBD oil, Apple cider vinegar, Spirulina & chlorella are the best ways to remove heavy metals, toxins, radiation & chemicals out of the body!

These products are all successful fighters and supporters against chronical illnesses. They nourish our body with a full pack of antioxidants, essential minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats & brings your pH-level in an alkaline area. When you’re further interested google it!

(For Germans: look up on the website „Zentrum der Gesundheit„, die haben tolle Sachen recherchiert zu jedem einzelnen Lebensmittel)

POSITIVE EFFECTS & CURES occured also on the following diseases / „symptoms“:

  • MS (multiple sclerosis)
  • Parkinson
  • Alzheimer
  • Rheumatism
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes (Type 1 & 2)
  • Overweight
  • Cellulite
  • Water retention
  • Indigestion
  • Acne, skin irritations
  • and much more!

As a rule: Every organic grown, unprocessed veggie & fruit is alkaline 🌱🍊

„From the minute you eat basic food, the cancer already stops growing!“

– Dr. Coldwell (watch the videos further down where he talks about cancer cure & healing)

„The body must become alkaline to fight and get rid of disease!“

Especially with green juices or smoothies, lots of chlorophyll, raw, organic (home-grown) veggies & fruits! And of course: taste 😋

So what to do?

Strong reduction of daily folk drugs!

  • Coffee
  • Tobacco
  • Dairy products / whey protein! (those natural cow-hormones let cancer & toxins in your body grow)
  • Conventional meat, fish & eggs (animal protein is acid forming)
  • Soft & energy drinks, reconstructed juices (only drink fresh pressed, raw, organic juice)
  • wheat products (wheat is modified like Frankenstein)
  • Refined sugar products (feeds cancer & inflammation in your body, to end it means to renounce common sweets, get inspirations on Instagram or Pinterest)
  • Canned food, preservatives, E-substances, general chemical substances or highly processed & deep-fried food

Switch to a wholesome raw vegan diet when you wanna fight a diseases; for prevention just reduce those foods (from above) to a minimum, eat less animal products & consume less from everything.

The Alkaline Cure

strictly basic diet for several weeks; mineralization of our cells; neutralizing of the pH-level in your body

The Juice Cure

Exclusive consumption of vegetable juices (esp. Chlorella, Spirulina, barley grass), turmeric, ginger, …

If you’re further interested, just do by yourself, or when you’re unsure, ask your next holistic natural therapist to help you, or find a clinic who is focused on doing this (in Switzerland is one I think).

Mental healing

„The origin of all illnesses is in our emotions (and mental state). These cause detectable changes in our brain – in regions that are connected to certain areas of the body, and then cause problems at this point.“

– Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, founder of the „5 biological laws of nature

To talk about the „5 biological laws of nature“ would explode this post, but in short:

Every disease is just a symptom of a big unexpected negative Event in your life

E.g. breakup with girl/boyfriend, dead of a close friend/family member, job loss & lack of perspective, security, prosperity,…

Small illnesses like scratchy throat or a cold are the result of small events in your life (e.g. stressed or annoyed by work, school or similar, constantly worries or fear,…)

It’s a really interesting thesis and I even noticed this by myself.

One example is that José and I got at the same day a wart, a couple of month before we left Germany to emigrate (into the world). The official version is that it is an infect of a bacterium, but we’ve tried a loot to get rid of these nasty things but it stayed for months (came back). Then 2 or 3 days after our arrival here in Australia we’ve noticed that they were suddenly all gone! Even though we „gave up“ doing anything. That was really magical & surprising! My theory to this story:

Warts has something to do with „binding to something“ (a person, a place,..), either that you wanna „spread your roots somewhere“ or „wanna loose your roots and let them grow somewhere else“.

And in our case this just makes really sense! We couldn’t wait to leave Hamburg, leave the big city and finding out belonging in nature, this is what our heart yearned for.

When you’re further interested just google / search on YouTube: „Dr. Hamer – 5 biological laws of nature“ (in German: „Die 5 biologischen Gesetze“, dazu findest du tolle Videos bei YouTube!)

The world isn’t always how it seems

Step by step I also have to put down my own believes and open my horizon for new theories and other „truth’s“. I think this is the biggest & hardest part for most people – to put down old habits & beliefs.

„The biggest energy spell that makes us sick is mental or psychological stress“

Physical stress and physical effort were never a problem for the human organism, as long as you get enough sleep and rest.

Being in constant fear of worry, worrying, grief and / or grief, constantly having circling thoughts makes us sicker than anything else.

Like the Universe itself, we also consist only a small part of visible matter (physical body), and for the most part (about 80% or more) of invisible atoms & energy (thought, mind, soul, aura, astral body, …)

In the case of mental / psychological stress, the body sets to „combat or flight mode“ – the immune system becomes weak, the body no longer digests properly and produces many stress hormones, it becomes more irritable and mood swings can also be the result.

Take a break & listen to the silence

Go walk in a park, to the ocean, into the mountains or forest („forestbathing“), walk barefoot & connect with the healing power of mother earth (it’s scientistically proven that we absorb the electrons from the ground through our feet and adjust our vibration to mother nature’s). Be surrounded and receive by the „right“ vibration may indeed heal our cells or support the healing („Sound therapy“; de: Klangtherapie)

When you’re further interested google „bovis units“ this is how you can measure left or right polar swinging objects, our cells swing left polar when we’re feeling sick or eating canned, fried, long stored food, as well as artificial light & wifi,.., right polar swings: our cells when we’re feeling good, are happy & healthy, here we can also find all natural „vibrations“ like the sunlight, birds singing, trees, ocean, food directly from the tree,..

„Be convinced that healing occurs“

Here is an interesting video about the phenomenon of how our mind affects our body!

In addition, other successful techniques are a lymphatic / colon cleansing, ThetaHealing® or Reiki!

Theta what?

When our brain is in a deep meditative state (like when we’re sleeping), our brain sends out theta waves.

Here we learn to be concentrated while meditating, going up to another dimension with our consciousness and heal with the power of the creator. Healing is accomplished on the physical, mental, and spiritual level. This is what it makes this progress so unique.

By practicing Reiki the universal life energy flows through the hands of the mentor to the patient, and it’s body knows exactly where healing has to be accomplished. It also heals on the physical, mental & spiritual level.

My mentor described Reiki as the female energy, like a calm river flow from mother earth

and ThetaHealing® can be understood as the male universal energy where you act, instruct & heal as the creator itself.

This „Orgon Accumulator“ acts like Reiki, it’s just the „scientistically proven version“ which doctors could use to heal people, which got banned of course because it helped „too good“…

Watch this video to see how someone get cured from a tumor in just 3 minutes! They’re using also the universal life energy aka. Reiki, „Prana“, „Chi“…

Here is a presentation to this video.

The dehydration and demineralization of our cells

However, the biggest consequence of stress is that stress dehydrates our whole body system.

Stress disturbs the blood flow, which can initially cause tensions or headaches, but ultimately responsible for a lack of oxygen our organs. Therefore you should balance the stressful everyday life, if you have one, outside among trees & fresh air 🙂

Dr. Coldwall claims dehydration is the ultimate reason we die. Our cells have no energy anymore. Organs can no longer be properly supplied with blood, which will have long term consequences, therefore:

Inhale and exhale deep & focused, eat lively, chlorophyll-containing (green) foods and drink enough spring water 💧 (& green juices)

And of course: BE HAPPY! This gives your body a lot of antioxidants no pill can replace 🤸😉


..translated „John of God“, is a brasilian healer & medium. He offers his body for higher forces, deseaced healers & ascended masters, which act through him by treating his patients.

Watch this youtube video and you see he always uses his small scissor, going into the nose, ear or mouth of the patient and gets a „lump“ out. In this „lump“ (de: Klumpen) he projects the illness & suffering of the person, after that the person is completely healed and the diseases normally never came back, nomatter how bad it was before (don’t ask me how exactly that works, sometimes we just have to believe in the good and in the power of the unseen magic ✨☺️)

This is really a blessing we have such a great person living among us, he has already healed over 10.000.000 people! Yes, his woman has a counter and this is the number since he has started (with his powerful mind & healing energy from above.. for some illnesses it’s enough to just look at or knowing the name of the person and he „sends healing“.)


The quotes from Dr. med. Coldwell can be found in the videos below. REALLY INTEREDTING NOT ONLY FOR „SICK“ PEOPLE :))

Other knowledge comes from different online pages, e.g. the German page „Center of Health“ and by talking to certain healers.

Why are all currently on yoga & raw vegan food?! A deeper explanation

Why are more and more people start caring about the environment, other living beings, their own life and food, are interested in natural healing methods, spiritual practices like yoga, Reiki & more?


We get aware of ourselves. This doesn’t mean that we are „better“ or anything than other generations before us, no! That just means our behaviour changes, in many positive ways. We start making changes in our habits, put down negative aspects in our life and focus on what makes us happy und fullfilled, until our society runs by love and compassion, giving & taking in a balanced way.

It is the „awakening“ how many call it. The self-knowledge of each individual & the collective consciousness expands until we all are connected again (telepathy & co).

The Kundalini energy continues to increase – in us and on Earth.

(I explain the reason further down).

Inexplicable phenomena

Scientists have noticed for some time that the Schumann frequence (aka.
Kundalini force of mother earth) of our earth is increasing – but have no plausible explanation for it.

(maybe because they are only looking for visible evidence instead of seeking subtle explanations?!:))

Residents of the North Pole (Inuits) told in an interview on youtube that they have noticed that the horizon has shifted. The sun rises now at another point on the horizon, so their statement. They would never have experienced that generations before. Many (spiritual) people currently are speaking of the so-called „pole shift“. If you are further interested, google it or watch by youtube 🙂

Society in transition – the power in us!

For all possessed meat eaters, I have a bad message for you: The vegan „hype“ is not a hype, it’s a REVOLUTION, an unstoppable SHIFT IN OUR CONSCIOUSNESS that sooner or later everyone will face. Moral & ethical values are associated with our state of consciousness.

More and more people are realizing that everyone is part of the change 💚🌎🌿 We all have to take a step to save nature, to save ourselves.

It’s so nice to see how many people start to change their behavior & old habits, going plasticfree, start minimalism, veganism, sustainablity, carrying this message out into the world. Small companies growing each day out of nowhere to make the world a little bit greener 🙏

It will only be a matter of time before we all pull together. Maybe it takes 100 years, maybe a little bit more, but I know it will come.

WE are the PEOPLE, we need to FOCUS ON THE BEAUTIFUL PICTURE and visualize the world how we want it in our heads over and over again to carry it out in the reality – because WHERE FOCUS GOES, ENERGY FLOWS. It is all just quantum physics.

„Reality is created by observation.“
~ Niels Bohr (father of the atom model, Nobel Prize 1922)

„There is no matter but only a web of energies that has been given shape by intelligent minds, that mind is the cause of all matter.“
~ Max Planck (founder of quantum physics, Nobel Prize 1919)

„Consciousness creates reality!“
Eugene Wigner (Nobel Prize 1963) & John von Neumann (co-founder of computer science)

„There is no such thing as matter – there is only the invigorating invisible immortal spirit as the foundation of matter, which I do not shy to call God.“
~ Max Planck (founder of quantum physics, Nobel Prize 1919)

Watch „The secret“ free on YouTube when you’re further interested in the power of your mind.

The obsessive „leadership“ that tries to keep us under its spell knows exactly how powerful this weapon is. If 1 million people believe in something, then it becomes reality, whether negative or positive! Therefore, it is so important that we stop producing messages of anxiety, anger, grief or similar low-vibration, negative emotions in us, but FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE THINGS. 🌈🌎🌱


The physical explanation & the universal law

Since 2012, a new era has dawned, that of Aquarius. The prophesied „Apocalypse“ does not stand for an end of the world in the holistic sense, but for the downfall of an old age (the fish) and the new beginning of another (the Maya and other advanced civilizations already knew this and could, however, calculate it exactly).

Since then, the natural vibration of the earth is continuously increasing – and thus also the vibration in us and all other living beings. This process will take time, and by doing so, our inner world may also shake a little bit, because our vibrating cells are adjusting to those of mother earth 🌎✨🧘 Therefore many people asking themselves for their purpose of life, the meaning of all existing, some may get depression, others react differently.


This is due to a natural cycle in the cosmos. We know the smaller cycles, such as the day and night cycle, the annual cycle or the 4 seasons.

But apart from the perception of most people, there is also a gigantic cycle of 26,000 years. Because it takes so long for our solar system to turn around itself! At the end of this rotation, the Earth enters into a complete, straight-line synchronization with the Sun and the center of the Milky Way. After this synchronization, the solar system enters a high-energy range of its own rotation for 13,000 years.

In this period, people live and act only from the divine principle of love and harmony (many souls reminding to this stage and trying to push our society in this lovely surrounding). The fundamental vibration of our earth (Schumann resonance) is extremely high at these times. At the same time, one can observe that also the fundamental vibration (the state of consciousness) is elevated in humans, because everything consists of the same energetic particles. For example, the Maya lived in such a high-swinging phase.

The selfish greedy mind as a natural protection mechanism

After the first 13,000 years of the upswing, the Earth returns to an energetically denser area through the rotation of the solar system. As a result, the planet drastically loses its natural vibration. People gradually lose their heightened awareness, their loving, conscious connection to their soul and the creative universe.

As a natural protection mechanism, people act from now on out of the selfish mind. Through this lower mind, they can forget or cope with being separated from the heightened consciousness, the resonating energy, the divinity. They can accept the duality of life and act completely out of this low survival aspect of creation.

„The upheaval has already begun and is unstoppable as it is codified as a cosmic law.“

The consciousness of the people slowly rises again. They recognize the symbolics and the connections of life. They defend themselves against old systems and machinations. They break up old hierarchies, demonstrate, and set themselves free – to live together peacefully and harmoniously in harmony with nature again.

Do you see yourself in these lines?

Never before has so many people been involved in the conservation of animal, environmental and human rights. Vegan, fair & eco-friendly products are no longer a hype or a trend – they are the first footsteps in a peaceful, new world.

More and more people feel the need to be free

… whether with the self-built van („modern nomadic life“), self-sufficient settlements (green electricity, fruits & vegetables from their own garden, exchange system instead of money) or travelling around the world, because every wonderful place on this planet feels like home and shelter.

Because of this change, the struggle between good and evil, between light and darkness, is clearly recognizable. It is the transition from a dense energy to a light, highly vibrating energy.

We are quite lucky to been born in this new age to witness & being part of the change 🌈✨🕊️

This transition takes place in every single human being. Therefore, it is not surprising why so many ask themselves the meaning of their lives and looking for their „fulfillment“. To emulate a normal job in which they sees no sense, is especially difficult for the younger generation to accept.

And even the newborn will not be the same as 1, 2 generations ago. They often come into the world with a higher consciousness, seem to intrigue all systems, many have impressive talents, they strive for a life in peace and harmony, filled with love and compassion for all living beings. They understand the connection of all 🌎✨🌲🐮👫

These kids are also called Indigo children (which are young adults meanwhile like me), rainbow- or crystal children.

If you’re further interested, on YouTube are great videos how to recognize whether you are or you know such a child/person (these are not „better“ or anything, they just have a certain task in their lifes, to help the society grow spiritually, same for „old souls“)

I hope to give you a little bit hope and understanding for the deeper meaning of our changing world. Stay in hope and love 🌈✨🕊️💕🌎👫🐮


free movie on Vimeo!

„THE GREEN BEAUTIFUL / LA BELLE VERTE“ (french with engl. Subtitle)

„DER GRÜNE PLANET“ (german synchronisation)

a repressed french movie from 1996, takes a look at our modern, industrialized world and how our world could be one day ✨ – in a charming, humorous way.
Absolutely worth seeing!!


Various texts, videos & personal talks with spiritual guides

Partly cited from the German article „Alles ist Energie – Der Aufstieg ins Licht“ thank you 🙏

Book tip:

„Serpent of Light: The awakening of Earth Kundalini and the awakening of the feminine light“

Quitting Plastic out of your daily Life! Use these ECOFRIENDLY PRODUCTS instead! 🌿🌎

Plastic used to be a trendy & helpful item, but meanwhile almost everything is contaminated with it, even the Antarctic Sea.

The result of our blind consumption and trust in the industry have led us to a dangerous time, where EACH OF US has to stand up, wake up & change their behavior! The air we breath & the water we drink are in danger – and therefore our health too!

Let’s do this together 👫♻️🌎🌳🕊️👊