NOUGAT HEAVEN Hallelujah <3

selfmade (raw) vegan nougatcreme, nougat cake, nougat bars,…

gluten- & sugarfree, rich in nutrients, taste & satisfaction 🙂


FOR A ~200 g GLASS:

  • 120 g selfmade germinated hazelnut paste
    (alternative from the health food store)
  • 60 g date sirup / paste (as desired)
    or ripe BANANA puree ❤
  • 30 g native coconut oil (organic)
  • if desired: hempprotein or hempseeds


  • 10 g raw cocoa powder (organic)
    or 15 g less coconut oil and insead 15 g 70% chocolate


  • make the coconut oil creamy or fluid
  • mix everything well
  • depending on the consistence you like, you can add a little bit more chocolate, flour and/or coconut oil to make it solid, or serve this recipe cooled right out the fridge 🙂
    (e.g. for the nougat cake or bar; see further down)

with raw hempseeds & cocoa nibs


Recipe for a ‚Sandwich‘ ~12×16 cm or ~25 Pralinés
CHOCOLATE (base & cover):

  • 200 g 70% chocolate (vegan, organic)
  • 20 g native coconut oil (organic)
  • if desired, add: peeled hemp seeds, raw cocoa nibs and/or smashed speltflakes for a crunchy effect


  • Melt & mix everything together
  • pour 1/2 into a form and cool (Put in freezer for 5 min)
    Tip1: For the pralinés I used a normal chocolate form. Swing the form to all sides so the sides of the form gets in touch with the chocolate, so it’s covered well.
    Tip2: For the „Bar/Sandwich“, make the chocolate thin / thick as you like. I used a plastic cover with foil. Until now this is the best way to seperate the chocolate from the ground, even when this is not eco-friendly :-/)


  • Recipe above on the top, prepare ~500 g nougatcreme
  • pour this on the cold chocolate ground / into the holes of the praliné-forms
  • freeze (cool) until it becomes hard (5 min in freezer)
  • pour the rest chocolate over it, cover well
  • sprinkle (roasted) hazelnuts, hempseeds & cocoa nibs over


with „caramel core“

Recipe for 1 small cake (5cm)


  • 60 g nutflour (hazelnut/ almond/ tigernut/ hemp (seeds))
  • 20-30 g date sirup / paste
  • if desired: you can add a little bit coconut oil for the taste & harder consistence
  • for crunch: add raw cocoa nibs, chocolatechips & crusehd nuts


  • Receipe above on the top; prepare/ use ~60 g of the creme; add 50 g coconut oil or cocoa butter
  • if desired: sprinkle some raw hempseeds, cocoa nibs & whole/crushed hazelnuts over, or mix them in between for a better crunch


  • mix the nutflour and datesirup / paste together, add the other ingredients as desired, press it in a form you prefere
  • prepare the nougatcreme and pour it onto the base, if you want the „caramel core“ you pour date sirup on the first half of the creme and then add the rest
  • stay cold (5 min freezer/ 30 min fridge)


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