„What remains from YOU, when you would‘ve been raised somewhere else?!“ (your soul has a plan)

How our surroundings shape & make us who we are

The person you are right now is a result of the past. The influence of our residence, fellow human beings, friends & family, teachers, the society and possibilities you had around you.
Your soul decided to incarnate in that family you were born into, to learn the lessons you’ve learned to grow and develop your character. Everything happens for a reason, and even when we might wonder about the negative things which happend to us, those might have been useful in their own kind of way. Even when we don’t understand.

On the one hand we attract what we think and what we wish for, on the other hand our soul has a „life plan“ with things you will appropriate, your interests and hobbies as well as people you will meet to develop and grow. It’s like a red line through our life, some parts we have in our hand, others are mysteriously.

„There are no coincidental events.
Every Human or Situation is either a challenge, punishment or blessing.“

Me for example, I always wished to be grown up in a smaller city than Hamburg, to be surrounded by pure nature, mountains, ocean & animals. I wished to live like the native americans, the indigenous folks, to have a deep connection to the higher self (learn thelepathy & telekinesis), eating real food, make things with hand, riding horses and just living the original way of life. My inner kid was never a „city girl“ with those modern behaviour. For example, I was the last person in my class with an old phone without internet. I always collected deposit bottles,  and I can’t throw things away even when they’re broken because I always thing „you can make something out of it!“.

The first years I realized that I was „incarnated in the wrong family/place“ were really hard for me but I made the best out of it. To get the connection I travelled with family and friends, hanging up with their pets or going in parks.

We have to deal with what we’ve been given – and other people will say I’m blessed to been raised up in Germany because of the opportunities, but everybody defines its „happiness“ different…
Of course Education is a big fact, so I finished high school and did my apprenticeship as a cook, because I wanted to learn something useful, something I can create with my hands. But now it’s time to leave my homeland to find my place where I really belong – together with my better half (so maybe its good just how it is). Our whole life is a journey, and I’m very excited because it just started.

What’s meant to be, will always find its way.

Just like ourselves send out vibrations into our environment, in return we absorb the vibration of our counterpart. The mood of the people and the (dis)harmony of a place (hectic city vs. peaceful landscape) plays an important role on our own behavior and well-being.

It is said that the happiest people are those who have little. Some say, that they can’t lose anything, because they have so little. But I think it’s because those people have learned to get the most out of any situation, how difficult the situation may be.

„A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature.“


„The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.“
Richard Bach


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