„Do what you Love“ – Travel, find your Vocation & use your Talent! (TheSenceOfLive)


Every person on this planet has a gift

Our lives here on earth have not been given to us to do any work where you feel like a slave doing a shitty job to keep your apartment and family alive.
Especially the younger generation (myself included) seeking for ‚THE
HAPPY LIFE‘ with true fulfillment and contentment, in peace and harmony with all creatures…

(„vegan & sustainable lifestyle“).

Meanwhile, we live in a world where you can connect with people with the same mind around the globe, you can find YOUR place (by travelling), find your vocation more easily and the possibilities are bigger than generations before us.

The world is yours – if you want, you can achieve anything

Due to the global networking and the development in many societies, to become whatever you dreamed of can come true. If you know what you want and keep your goal in mind, then almost anything is possible.


Check out my article about the ‚Power of your Mind‘ and ThetaHealing®

„People do not choose their dreams – the dreams choose them“


We are all so different in our desires and each one defines his happiness or perfection differently. BUT IT’S PRECISELY THESE DIFFERENCES AND DIVERSITIES THAT MAKE OUR SOCIETY A WHOLE, FUNCTIONING WHEEL. Every human being has an inner compass, an inner voice that ultimately shows us the way. And even if you think you are stuck, our higher self („fate or destiny“) often shows us the way or sends us people who give us inspirations or impulses. Listen to your inner voice, it shows you your way, your part that you can contribute to the world, and what it’s worth living for.

„There are no coincidental events.
Every Human or Situation is either a challenge, punishment or blessing.“

Find a way worth living for
and make your heart beat faster.

… and if this profession does not exist yet?!
Fuck it – then invent it!

Unconditional basic income

for personal and professional development

That was a recently started pilot project from Finland. 2000 unemployed get 560€ per month instead of their unemployment benefit. The goal is for people to find their own vocation without pressure and existential fears! That kind of work you would do when you wouldn’t be paid for.
Because if someone likes to do his job, he is automatically good in it. After all, we want to have experts and professionals in every area who advance our society through innovative ideas at every level.

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