REIKI – The Universal Life Energy from Buddha

accomplish healing on all levels our being

When receiving Reiki, our cells are flooded with the universal light energy, they get harmonized and can heal. It also boosts our metabolism which encourage the healing.

Reiki works on the spiritual, mental, spiritual and physical levels. This holism makes the process special and should therefore be treated with respect for the Creator.

Ki flows in every living being – not only humans, but also animals and plants. With the death also the energy flow stops. This means that all living beings can be treated with Reiki.

The word Reiki

was created by Mikao Usui from the Japanese words rei (mind, soul) and ki (life energy), which means „universal life energy“. The Ki in the word Reiki corresponds roughly to the Chinese Qi (Chi) and the Hindu „Prana“ (translated: life breath; meaning in Hinduism: life, life force, life energy).
Usui got his healing powers through Buddha’s lotus sutras.

Areas of life where I apply Reiki:

  • for chakra compensation
  • for relaxation (mentally & physically)
  • pain-relieving (e.g. head, neck, back, knee,..)
  • „detox“ supportive (boosts the metabolism)
  • harmonize water (f. plastic bottles/ piping)
  • have brought my drowned aloe vera back 2life

If you want to experience it for yourself – feel free to contact me.

I became a Reikimaster because I’m fascinated by the invisible world around us. Only 1% is the Matter we can actually SEE – everything else you just can FEEL or experience when you meditate, channeling, doing Reiki or similar.

What are chakras?

Our chakras can be seen as energy centers between our physical body and our subtle body. Like everything in the cosmos, we also consist of duality. There is day & night, light & dark, good & bad. If there is visible matter, there is also invisible matter. In addition to our physical body, there is also the so-called astral body, a subtle „shell“ that surrounds every human being (every living being).

The chakras serve as a channel between these two „bodies“. They are arranged perpendicular to the spine, between them flows our life energy, also called Kundalini power.

Find out more about the importance of our
and what a blockade means for your life, your success and well-being..

Here a german Article about the Earth Kundalini and the Power since 2012…

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