Our Chakras & what a Blockade means for your Life, Success & Well-being

They have an influence on the surrounding organs, affect our psyche, mood and character.

The goal is to find healing and a harmonious balance of body, mind & soul in order to return to wholeness and progress in spiritual development.

For example, if someone has a blocked heart chakra and is only cold-hearted and selfish towards their fellow creatures, then it wouldn’t be surprising, that he or she has to deal with a stroke, heart rhythm disturbances or similar (e.g. Rockefeller had his 3rd heart surgery..)

Through yoga or Reiki you can harmonize your chakras and solve blockages (almost every person has to fight with some blockages).

According to Buddhist teachings, man has attained full enlightenment when all seven main chakras are fully open and the life energy (prana) can flow without blockages and disturbances.

The main chakras

Root chakra

„Muladhara“ (Mula: root, adhara: prop)

The root chakra is the lowest (and first) chakra and is located at the level of the coccyx. It is open at the bottom and connects us energetically to the earth. It is the first level of consciousness of man. At first, after birth, man experiences himself as helpless. His consciousness is basic trust and security. This chakra connects us to the physical world.

Topics: Original life force, basic survival needs of the human, physical level of sexuality, basic trust, attachment to the earth, relationship to the material level of life, stability and assertiveness, relationship with the feminine.

Disorders in this chakra: constipation, low back pain, prostate discomfort, bone disease, mental illness occurs in the form of existential fears or a lack of (self-) trust in others.

Sacral chakra

„Svadhisthana“ (sweetness, loveliness)

The sacral chakra is the second chakra and lies about a hand’s breadth below the belly button. Like all the following chakras (except the root and crown chakra) it is open to the front. It represents the „lust for life“, the divine creativity and the seat of unfiltered original emotions.
Our creativity has its origin in this level of consciousness. Closely connected with the creative power is the reproductive instinct, which is also connected with the creation of something new.

Topics: Sensual level of sexuality; Erotic, original feelings, creative powers, inner connection and receiving energies from nature.

Disorders in this chakra: can manifest themselves through diseases on the genitalia. An over- / under-function of the sex drive can also provide information about a blocked sacral chakra. Mentally, the imbalance is manifested by addictions and listlessness.

Solar plexus chakra

„Manipura“ (shining jewel)

The solar plexus chakra is located just above the navel at the level of the solar plexus. It is associated with the fire element, which means light, heat, energy and activity, as well as power.
It stands for the development of oneself and the assertiveness in one’s own environment. It’s not meant by violence, but to find a harmonious way to realize his own ideas.

Topics: Seat of the personality, conscious design of life, Power, wealth & influence. Processing and transformation of drives and desires. Integration of feelings and life experiences.

Disorders in this chakra: are physically manifested by indigestion, stomach problems, diabetes and obesity. Mentally, the blockade is expressed by aggressiveness, insecurity, sleep disorders and nightmares.

Heart chakra

„Anahata“ (not struck, undamaged)

The heart chakra is at the level of the heart and is the center of the chakra system. It is in its purified form the seat of unconditional love.

In this stage of learning, man experiences that love means „to give“. He no longer sees himself merely as a receiving being, but as part of a community. Compassion and humanity are also part of this stage of consciousness.

Topics: center of love, devotion, selflessness, healing, empathy. Perception of beauty and harmony in nature & art.

Disorders in this chakra: Cardiovascular disease, strokes and skin / lung disease may indicate a blocked heart chakra. Mentally expresses a disturbance through contact difficulties, emotional cold but also lack of delimitation.

Throat chakra

Vishuddhi = clean

The throat chakra is located at the level of the larynx. It stands for truth-finding and communication. For our relationships, this is what we have learned through dialogue to bring harmony into our environment.

Topics: communication, expression of our thoughts and feelings, creativity. Perception of the inner voice, inspiration, contact with the indwelling spirit. Self-determination, independence, openness to subtle dimensions.

Disorders in this chakra: Symptoms of a blocked throat chakra are thyroid disorders, neck pain or speech disorders. Also inhibitions & a lack of expressiveness may caused by problems in this area.

Forehead chakra

Ajna (to perceive)

The forehead chakra, the third eye, is located between the eyebrows. In this state of consciousness wisdom and knowledge are attained.

Topics: cognitive functions, seat of the mind. Development of extrasensory perception, intuition. Ability to visualize. Projection of our will, manifestation by thought force.

Disorders in this chakra: are expressed physically by headache or disease of the sensory organs. Mentally the blocker has to struggle with lack of concentration and learning. Excessive anxiety can also be a sign of blockage in this area.

Crown chakra

Sahasrara (thousandfold, thousandfold)

The crown chakra is located outside the gross body above the head. It is open to the top and connects us to heaven and the divine. It is the center of consciousness of spirituality, enlightenment and religiosity of man. Man at this stage gives up his identity to fulfill the divine plan.

Topics: Merging with the universal BEING, highest perfection, unity consciousness

Disorders in this chakra: express themselves through immunodeficiency and chronic diseases. In addition, depression, confusion, or escapism may indicate blockages in this chakra.

Conversations with Reiki and Yoga Practitioners
(my) Reiki teacher / Master: Uta Schleifenbaum
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