What about…the REAL FOOD?! Before cultivation & massproduction | measure the energy of your Food with Bovis units

What’s left of the REAL food nature gave us once in the beginning of our existence,
before we cultivated, overbred and chemically treated it?


Find out, why it is so important to eat at least biological FRESH food and what „BOVIS UNITS“ tell us about the „life-giving energy“ in our daily meals…

„In order to maintain our health
we should eat as nutritious and naturally as possible!“

By treating it with chemicals (pesticides),
the immune system (=ANTIOXIDANTS!)
of the plant is going down
& we have a lack of the healthy secondary plant substances!

„stop counting calories – count the nutrients!“

For the most people, it’s only possible to buy and plant the cultivated food (seeds), but if you get the chance, you should always prefer the old type of fruit or veggy – AND OF COURSE THE UNTREATED, BIOLOGICAL STUFF! So you eat less and have more nutrient.

And that’s what it’s all about. THE NUTRIENTS. Our cells need magnesium, iron, calcium & co in combination with vitamin A,B,D… to maintain healthy cells and they don’t degenerate. Because CANCER IS NOTHING ELSE THAN A DEGENERATED CELL!


Prefere a real lemon that just isolated ascorbin acid…

Because each plant that we eat consists of a hundred different pieces of informations and substances that our body reads and absorbs like a message every time. For example a lemon. It has more than 100 informations which helps our bodycells to heal & develop. If not, it can leach the body and you’re susceptical for Illness and aging


brings health, healing & taste 🙂

You don’t have to become a hardcore raw-vegan foody to get a healthy body. Of course, a (raw) vegan diet might be a good way to get there, but people also can do many mistakes. Nevertheless, VEGETARIANS AND VEGANS GET MORE NUTRIENTS IN AVERAGE THAN „NORMAL EATER“.  

And even Leonard Coldwell (an expert in treating & healing Cancer) is NOT a vegan/ vegetarian, but he says, if your body is weak & sick, GOING ON A RAW VEGAN DIET is everything you should do to become healthy again!


Why reducing animal products?

„Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.“ 

  • conventional fish & meat has medication & hormone residues
  • butter, eggs, red meat & fish has a lot of „bad“ cholesterin & unhealthy fat
  • they doesn’t have fiber, which is known to be good for our gut flora and our daily detoxification!
  • animal proteins also acidify our bodies & lower our vibration level!
    (which pushes our cells into the left-wing polar area, which makes us permanently ill. Our cells vibrate – if they are healthy – in the right-polar area -> Bovis units measurable)

A herbal diet therefore always promotes an unnoticeable detoxification („detox“) of our organs (if pesticides are omitted). In raw foods, the valuable antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals are preserved and ensure optimal cell protection!

>>Immune-strengthening, deacidifying, detoxifying, anabolic, invigorating, happy.<<


Thanks to Alfred Bovis.
He was a physicist and lived from 1871 – 1947

Places, where the Bovis value is increased, are preferably found in nature! In the immediate vicinity of springs, on mountains, in caves and forests, but also in sacral buildings, which were built in the pre-Christian times as places of worship, the radiation of the earth can be particularly concentrated.

Not for all people is every place of power, a place to draw new energy: while some feel refreshed and their well-being increases significantly, others respond with discomfort such as headache, dizziness or tachycardia.

Places of Power

Many years ago, people who feel the earth’s radiation
and their effects were laughed at as esotericists,
meanwhile time has changed.

Power paths lead to places where people can be fueled with new energy, shut down their mind and free themselves from the hectic of the everyday life.
With the help of the pendulum, it can be proven that there is special terrestrial radiation and that the bovis value is increased. This can be e.g. an old tree on a hill, the bank of a small stream or a forest clearing.

But there are also big, world-famous places of power. These are scattered around the globe. Some of the most well-known places with strong earth rays are the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge in Great Britain, the Nazca lines in Peru or the Uluru in Australia.

While modern mankind only takes notice of these special energies thanks to the discovery of Alfred Bovis, Indians and other indigenous peoples have for quite a long time cultivated high-energy places of worship as something quite natural.

The Bovis Units

The basic scale goes from 0 to 10’000 units. 6’500 units are a neutral value. Units below the neutral value denote places or circumstances that deprive us of energy. Overlying values ​​lead us to energy. Values ​​over 10’000 have an effect on the subtle, ethereal area. Even higher values ​​include the higher consciousness.

Left-polar (less than 6’500 u) vibrates:
(rob energy, makes us weak & sick)

  • Radiation (from PC, TV, mobile phone, tablet, WiFi, antennas, GPS)
  • artificial light
  • negative thoughts & feelings (worries, fears, grief, anger, anger, envy, etc.)
  • stress / being under pressure
  • highly processed & heated foods / long stored / preserved
  • animal products (since it always has to do with the death of another animal)

right-polar (higher than 6’500 u) vibrates:
(gives energy & healing)

  • our cells and everything alive: animals, plants, trees (nature)
  • the nature in total: walking barefood, being in nature
  • Water in its natural state (spring, stream, ocean)
  • (Gem-) Stones

Sources: talks, books & internet like here and here

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