Water has Memory and you should listen..! (it’s in you)

Water is probably the largest information carrier that the earth has to offer,
and Masaru Emoto got pictures for us to take this „mystical topic“ serious!

Because everything in the cosmos is vibration,
water absorbs all information in and around itself –
positive as well as negative.

It cleans, heals & informs our body
and every cell (around 80 billion) in us!
There is a reason for those holy water springs in Asia and other places in the World…

„Water carries our thoughts and prayers, as you are water yourself.
No matter where you are, your prayers will be carried to the rest of the world.“


More than 20 years ago, he has been studying water and has been able to scientifically record that WATER HAS A MEMORY! Fresh spring water had frozen beautiful water crystals, the water from the drain looked destroyed and broken, no sign of harmony, rather like a carcinogenic…

So he made various experiments:

For positive things like the words „I love you“ or Mozart’s music, the crystals were beautiful, harmonious, with the golden section, as seen in the picture below.

The same water he thawed again, insulted it with „I hate you„, „You annoy me“ and played it with aggressive (heavy metal) music. This time there was no harmonious water crystal to see, rather something like a sick cell or a broken pane of glass!

The same he continued with thoughts, negative as positive, with the same results again! There are great Youtube Videos about it (at the bottom of this text)

Now you may be able to imagine what bad words, thoughts and vibrations (through noise, music, fights and/or thoughts) can do to our bodies for years, especially since we consist of 70% water..!



Considering that WE ARE 70% WATER, it should be kept in mind that it’s important, what kind of informations we „feed“ our body each day.

People always ask:
„Why is our society getting sicker from day to day?“
Simply, because we loose old values and remove from nature as far as we can!

Instead of coffee, coke, energy drinks & sodas you should rather GRAB A GLASS OF WATER WITH LEMON, MINT OR CUCUMBER IN IT!

For a healthy organism it is quite important what we think of ourselves, our body and what KIND of Water we drink. The healthiest is directly from the source, the stream, flowing river. For many people is this not possible because of our modern life. So what remains is tapwater (in some countries) or (plastic) bottled water. Plastic may cause a hormone disbalance and scientists found Uranium and other Elements in them, which could harm our Body.

There are expensive water treatment devices (around 500$), which clean & mineralize the tapwater. But people who doesn’t have the money can „shape“ their water with good thoughts, internally express gratitude and harmonize the water crystals with a piece of cucumber, lemon, mint or similar. That works very well too – Masaru Emoto got the evidences on paper!

The water with low informations, which are good for healing water (with blessed gemstones from healers for example), is from „St. Leonhard Quellwasser, still“. There might be other waters too, depends where you live. But you can only find them in special eco shops.

I recommend water stones to anyone for mineralization (because 95% drink from the tap or from plastic bottles). However, these do not purify the water, but enrich it with valuable minerals again.

The container is crucial to the water structure, too. So you should avoid any form of plastic and go back to natural resources like glass or at least stainless steel bottles. Not without reason, the red wine tastes better from a red wine glass than from the plastic cup 😉

You can buy the Book from the Watercrystals online – or do the selfmade test with rice!

Here a 2 minute video about this topic

a great documentation (50 Min)

the same Docu in German

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