Sunshine & its Power: Why Vitamin D cures Cancer & Sunscreen encourages carcinogenic

Only the sun makes life on Earth possible

Whether humans, animals or plants – we are all light beings and our cells need enough sunlight to be able to maintain the organism. I think most people can testify how much the mood alone depends on the weather (sun). And the more it affects our health…


GcMAF is an endogenous protein that binds and transports vitamin D. GcMAF activates the cells of the immune system, which then deal with invading foreign substances such as viruses, bacteria, environmental toxins or carcinogenic changes in the cell. These body cells are then attacked and destroyed by specialized cells of the immune system!

Reduce cancer risk through vitamin D!

Our immune system consists of a variety of cells (lymphocytes, macrophages, etc.), tumors are highly immunogenic entities, about 50% of the tumor mass contains lymphocytes! GcMAF may therefore inhibit tumor growth and blood supply to the tumor! (And this is why it is so important to keep our lymphatic system clean & don’t poisen it with traffic air, crappy food & drinks…)

There are surprisingly large and rapid success rates worldwide in the treatment of GcMAF (immunotherapy) in autism, cancer, CE, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, kidney & liver diseases, HIV, bacterial & viral infections and many more!

Gc: older name for DBP (vitamin D binding protein)
MAF: macrophage activating factor

How you recognize a vitamin D deficiency

  • Chronic fatigue, exhaustion
  • Weak immune system, often cold
  • Neck tension, headache, muscle spasms
  • White dots / stains on the fingernails
  • depressive mood / depression
  • brittle bones, slow cell formation (regeneration)
  • and much more …

Conventional sunscreen blocks vitamin D intake

If you really want to soak up vitamin D from the sun, then you SHOULD NOT use conventional sunscreen because this BLOCKS the UV as well as the VITAMIN D, and can even encourage carcinogenic cells! Here and here are articles about!

„One of the world’s leading authorities on natural cancer cures, Dr. Leonard Coldwell, asserts that the chemicals in sunscreen cause most skin cancers and not the sun.
Lack of sunlight means lack of vitamin D, which is a necessary nutrient for the body’s immune system to function properly. Low vitamin D levels are linked to health problems, including cancer.“


Ingredients like „OMC, Titanium dioxide, Oxybenzone, Diesopropyl adipate & Palmitate“ are all causing Cancer and are common in Sunscreens worldwide!!

So your skin should get used to the sun bit by bit, going into the shade in between and avoid the midday heat. You can use 100% Aloe Vera Gel and if necessary switch to a herbal, original alternative from natives (without chemicals).

Vitamin D ensures …

  • cell division & new formation
  • strong immune system, resistant to any diseases
  • illuminated, positive mental state (serotonin formation)
  • bone strength (that calcium is absorbed into the bones)
    (Therefore, in colder areas many people suffer from osteoporosis …)

With an elevated vitamin D level, the body is more resistant to free radicals, viruses, bacteria, diseases & illness!

Chronic vitamin D deficiency
in the northern latitudes

Due to the inclination of the Earth’s axis below and above the equator, the (UV) sunbeams in our latitudes (Germany, Scandinavia, Kanada,…) are not as strong as they are to the south (Greece, Africa, South America, Asia…). As a result, we have fewer sunny days where vitamin D can first be formed by our body.

„Hamburg is on the same latitude as Alaska!“

Many doctors and hospitals in Germany repeatedly find a strong deficiency in all age groups. According to extrapolations, we would have to spend 5 x per year 2 weeks holiday in the Mediterranean, in order to be able to maintain the normal „feel-good level“ of vitamin D. Too bad that most employers do not join in 😉

So what do you do now?

The best, easiest and most effective method for all working and sedentary people here in the north are the VITAMIN D3 (K2) drops (by Dr. med. Jacob’s). These are taken dropwise with a pipette daily (neutral in taste). Important: K2 and magnesium are important, so that the vitamin in the body affects 100% and can be transported.

My advice

Schüssler’s salts No. 7 (Magnesium)
These aren’t inorganic like most magnesium capsules & (effervescent) tablets
It’s homeopathic: It’s magnesium inside & it tells your body, to extract more magnesium from the food you eat

When to take?
1 hour before and after you should not eat something
(either in the morning or before bedtime)


Before you take something like that, you should inform yourself on the Internet and possibly the doctor / homoeopath. I share only my experiences and those of my friends here.

I have set my dosage of the drops higher than prescribed in the packaging (many confirmed to me that you can (& should!) definitely take more than just 1 drop a day).

At the beginning I took 15-20 drops (1 drop = 800 units / IU), after 4-5 weeks (depending on the body) you can reduce your dose to 5-10 per day. When you made a Check by the Doctor and your Level is normal (around 60-80 units, then you can take around 5 drops per day to keep it (my homoeopath told me this is the average amount of any person she tested).

„No disease can develop in a body
when a certain level of vitamin D is present!“

– Dr. Leonard Coldwell
(One of the world’s leading authorities on natural cancer cures)

In Germany, the medical association has decided that a normal level of Vitamin D in our body is around 30-60 (units). In Denmark, however, only a level of 60-80 is the normal range! Everything under 30 is a strong defect there.

In the following video by dr. Raimund von Helden, he was shocked to find out that most of his patients (child to renter) only had a level of 7-10 units!! (German Video)

No wonder why there are so many sick people here and there..
nearly everywhere…

In the following video Dr. Leonard Coldwell explains GcMAF (in German) and the further circumstances regarding 14 dead physicians (meanwhile over 80!!), which were all involved in the research around the topic that Vitamin D overdose destroys Cancer in our body! Probably they had to pay with their lives for this valuable insight!

further source (german)

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