What about…the REAL FOOD?! Before cultivation & massproduction | measure the energy of your Food with Bovis units

What’s left of the REAL food nature gave us once in the beginning of our existence,
before we cultivated, overbred and chemically treated it?


Find out, why it is so important to eat at least biological FRESH food and what „BOVIS UNITS“ tell us about the „life-giving energy“ in our daily meals… Weiterlesen

Why meditate? Receive everything you want with ThetaHealing®

Allow your mind to rest & recover
and take orders at the Universe!

Meditation is the „off“ button of our mental computer,  because even when we’re sleeping, our spirit & mind are awake and process all the impressions of the day.


With ThetaHealing® you connect with the Creator level where you can heal your cells, change your subconscious and determine your life how you want it. It’s a great way to have your life back in your hands… Weiterlesen

Water has Memory and you should listen..! (it’s in you)

Water is probably the largest information carrier that the earth has to offer,
and Masaru Emoto got pictures for us to take this „mystical topic“ serious!

Because everything in the cosmos is vibration,
water absorbs all information in and around itself –
positive as well as negative.

It cleans, heals & informs our body
and every cell (around 80 billion) in us!
There is a reason for those holy water springs in Asia and other places in the World… Weiterlesen